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Diamond Heart Pendant Zales

Diamond Pendant Deals for Valentine’s Day from Zales

Diamond Circle Pendant
1/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Three Stone Bypass Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver

Crafted in fine sterling silver and lined with dazzling diamonds, this charming heart pendant features a trio of larger stones dressing the center. With a generous 1/4 ct of diamonds and brilliant polished finish, it's a look that will thrill and delight your lady

(Item #:

1/2 CT. T.W. Diamond Criss-Cross Multi-Row Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver

Tenderly crafted in radiant sterling silver, this beautiful pendant features two interwoven rows of dazzling round and baguette-cut diamonds totaling 1/2 ct., outlining this charming heart.

Sapphire Heart Journey Pendant in 14K White Gold with Diamond Accents

A pathway of deep blue sapphires meanders between the lines of this 14K white gold heart pendant, each stone growing larger toward the center as though approaching the foreground. The heart itself loops around, whimsically drawn and beautifully expressive. A single diamond accent finishes the look, a magnificently brilliant touch.

Keylimebay 1ct Diamonds in Motion Necklace. Dances to the Music of Her Heart TM. 14k Gold with 18" 14k Chain
Jewelry (Keylimebay)
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Genuine Diamonds in Motion Necklace
  • Deluxe Diamonds in Motion Jewelry Box Included
  • Beautiful Jewelry at Wholesale Pricing
Large Thin Open Heart Tilted Pendant in 14K yellow Gold with Diamonds
Jewelry (Sziro Jewelry Designs)
Small Diamond Heart Pendant in 18K rose (pink) Gold and Diamonds
Jewelry (Sziro Jewelry Designs)
  • jewelry pouch or gift box included
  • high quality materials and craftsmanship
  • made in the USA


Tiffany Heart Pendant or Zales Diamond Pendant for gf?

I am wondering if I should get a Tiffany silver or gold heart pendants that cost around $500 (no gemstones, diamonds nothing just the metal but stamped "Tiffany...", or spend around that amount for a 1 ct.+ diamond heart pendant from Zales? What do you girls, and guys, think?

Tiffany's is better quality. On the other hand, if your girlfriend is into diamonds she may like the one from Zales.

If you are not sure if she cares for diamonds all that much then definitely go with Tiffany's. Just opening it and seeing the Tiffany's box would excite me lol.

A question about the zales diamond store?

Okay so last december i bought a little gold necklace with a diamond pendant. just 1 week ago, the necklace broke, but i still have the pendant.
does zales have some kind of warranty? will it like replace it or something or like refund the money if i have the receipt? what if i dont have the receipt?

it hasnt been a year yet so idkk.

and where can i find a real gold chain for under $30?

You should try going to Zales & see. I have a white gold chain & a little heart pendant from there. It was a gift from my boyfriend from like 3 years ago & just a month ago it got caught onto my keyboard slot on my desk & broke. I literally cried, I love their jewelry. Like I said, try & see if they can help fix it or replace it. Since they're a chain store, as in they're all over the place, they'll probably still have what they had in the store last December. If not, this will sound silly, but go to your homes, dirtiest, cheapest, bargain town. I live in NYC, so I always go to China…

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