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White Gold Diamond Pendant

Bespoke Diamond Pendant and Diamond Earrings

round diamond pendantLast week we finished creating a matching diamond pendant and diamond earrings for a customer who wanted some old diamond stones remodelled.

The diamond pendant features two round brilliant diamonds that belonged to customer, which totalled 1.38 carats in weight. The customer also wanted to incorporate more smaller round brilliant diamonds into the design of the diamond pendant necklace.

The Finished Bespoke Round Diamond Pendant

The final finish of the 18 carat white gold diamond pendant features the customer’s larger round brilliant diamond as the centre stone held in a 4-claw 18 carat white gold setting surrounded by smaller round brilliant diamonds we supplied to the customer. The smaller round diamond also belongs to the customer, which were set above the larger diamond in a rub over setting.round brilliant diamond earrings The loop for the chain of the round diamond pendant also features small round brilliant diamond micro pave set to add more dazzle and shine to the diamond pendant.

The Finished Bespoke Round Diamond Earrings

The customer also had four round brilliant diamonds re-modelled to create diamond earrings to match the diamond pendant. The earrings were designed to be diamond drop earrings and include the same design, diamonds and settings as the pendant we created. The stones the customer provided for the earrings total 3.22 carats and to complete the design on both earrings we provided 0.61 carats worth of small round brilliant diamonds to finish these beautiful bespoke diamond earrings.

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Cherry H
Which style of jewelry necklace do u like?and where do u buy it ?

I like to mix up my jewelry depending on my mood and what I'm wearing (mostly my mood though, lol - matching isn't as important to me). However, I do tend to turn to the same general styles time and again.

One of the places I shop most often is Their jewelry is really gorgeous - much of it looks like the pieces celebrities wear, but it's crazy cheaper than theirs. A necklace I got recently that I'm really loving is this multistone geometric necklace It has beautiful stones and sparkle, and I find I'm in the mood to wear it quite often! Hope you find something…

wendy t
I am asking for what are ideas of costumes and clothing for the 40s era?

I am having a party and I am trying to figure out what is the way that they had their hair and dressed and where I might be able to find stuff like it. If you could let me know that would be awesome thanks!

Try a stepford wives type deal with a dress that's tighter around the waist and bust but with a fuller skirt.

In addition to the clothes, you've got to have the right accessories.

Keep your hair neat and tidy. If you have straight hair, add a few sweeping curls at the front and flip the ends in or out. If your hair is curly, keep it simple and pinned back from the face, but loose and free at the same time.

For makeup, go for a high arching brow, thin but pronounced black eyeliner with a neutral shadow and a vibrant lip color like this: jewelry go for a string of pearls or cute…

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