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Three Diamond Pendants Necklaces

Godman Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Origin of name

The exquisitely crafted emerald and diamond encrusted Godman Necklace, which is part of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's personal jewelry collection, was a gift by the two elderly Godman sisters to her majesty the Queen. The name "Godman Necklace" reflects the name of the original owners of the necklace. The two sisters who remained unmarried and were spinsters inherited the necklace from their father Frederick Du Cann, a British naturalist, who purchased the necklace whilst on a holiday in Bavaria in the 1890s.

Characteristics of the Godman Necklace

The necklace which is a delicate ornamental work in platinum, is encrusted with diamonds and emeralds. The design used on the necklace is based on symmetrical flower motifs, a style that was common for jewelry crafting throughout the 19th century, a naturalistic style that used the "language of flowers."

The thick circular band of the necklace is encrusted with diamond baguettes interspersed with round brilliant-cut diamonds. Seven floral motifs arise from the lower side of this band, which take the form of seven pendants. The largest of this floral pendant is situated along the median line of the necklace, and is encrusted with two large emeralds, a rectangular-shaped smaller emerald at the base, and an elongated oval or drop-shaped emerald in the center of the pendant, which is the largest emerald in the necklace. Both emeralds are surrounded by symmetrically placed leaf and floral motifs, encrusted with diamonds of different shapes. Three other floral pendants are placed on either side of the median pendant, with similar pendants occupying symmetrical positions. The length of these pendants gradually decrease outwards from the central pendant. As a result of this arrangement the lower ends of all the seven pendants roughly lie in a semi-circle. The three pendants on either side of the central pendant have a single large square or rectangular emerald, except the pendant just adjacent to the central pendant on either side of it, which has in addition another smaller square-shaped basal emerald. Thus altogether there are ten large emeralds on this necklace.

©Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The characteristic feature of this intricately designed emerald is its perfect symmetry, which can be checked easily, by picking out any point on the necklace on one side of the median line and looking for its corresponding point on the other side. It is seen easily that whatever point is picked on one side of the necklace, there undoubtedly will be a corresponding point on the other side.

Diamond Necklaces!

by priusapril

I got them both diamond necklaces that are sterling silver. I caught them on sale and had a coupon, so I didn't end up spending the $75 it quotes (more like $25), but they'll never know!
My FH got his guys engraved harmonicas, because he plays the harmonica in a friend's band (also a groomsmen). I thought that was cute.

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