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Solitaire Diamond Pendants Designs

Introducing Diamond Solitaire Pendants Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Diamond PendantsDiamond Pendants

- Mar. 1, 2014 - ORLANDO, Fla. - Everybody wants to be sure they find something that is beyond special for Valentine’s Day. They want something extraordinary, something that they hope nobody else will have, a gift that shows how unique and special their love is. Of course, it has to be some sort of diamond, but you can’t keep giving diamond earrings year after year. That is why, this year, the perfect gifts to give are diamond fashion pendants.

Pendants give you a chance to show off your individuality and personality, reflected in the pattern that you choose. More stylish than just a simple necklace or a diamond tennis bracelet, they have endless possibilities when it comes to the designs that are available to select from. The same precious metals that have been making their way into engagement ring design and wedding band sets are being used when it comes to
Making diamond fashion pendants. In turn, it is allowing designers to show off their skills, as well as new cuts of diamonds, in ways that were previously thought unimaginable.

It is precisely because of all of these new styles and possibilities that Monarch Jewelry is proud to introduce a stunning new line of pendants, just in time for Valentine’s Day. They know that nothing says “I love you” more directly and eloquently than diamonds, and so they have challenged their designers to create new and exciting ways to express those emotions. The results have been, in a word, stunning.

Perhaps the most stunning design of all is also one of the most simple. “The classic engagement ring is a diamond solitaire, of course, ” one of the designers said when they held a press conference to introduce this new jewelry, “so we figured, why not try to capture that same simplicity in a pendant as well?” The result, a diamond solitaire pendant, is a perfect gift to give this Valentine’s Day. It is beautiful, flawless, and most of all, it is the perfect companion piece to go with the ring you gave her when you first proposed. Recapture the magic of that moment this Valentine’s Day by giving her a diamond solitaire pendant to tell her that you would marry her all over again.

Don't want to take away from

by justB

Your post, but i have to brag about what my man gave me this morning. a diamond and sapphire pendant! it was wrapped in a huge box, which was wrapped in a box and so on. finally i got to a heart box of chocolates and i was all "" (cause i don't eat chocolate). then i opened it and bam! there was the necklace!

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Hannah R
Value of Sapphire?

Please answer the following questions:
1) What is the rarity?
2) What is a precious or semi-precious gemstone?
3) Is sapphire precious or semi-precious? What makes it so? also discuss dollar value of sapphire. give info on measurements, weights, and sizes.
4) how is it refined, polished or cut? describe products made with it. (jewelry)

-Sapphire belongs to the corundum group and rare in its finest form and abundant in its non-gem forms
-It is Precious Stone, one of the Big Four (Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald)
-Gems are not like Gold, there is no international price for them as for sapphires, the most expensive one is Burmese Deep Blue, Flawless, Loupe Clean Sapphire, the price is more than 20,000$/ct and even more depending on the 4Cs, Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight and if in rough uncut form, it might cost more than 10,000$/ct, if the stone is very big and transparent, it will be automatically…

Blue Saphire For Astrological Purposes?

Do you think this blue saphire pendent is good for astrological purposes?

Sapphire is September's Birthstone

Agate Sapphire is the birthstone for September and the gemstone given for anniversaries of the 5th and 45th years of marriage. Taken from the Greek word for blue, "sapphirus", sapphires have a time-honored tradition with priests (who considered them symbolic of purity) and king s (who considered them symbolic of wisdom.)

Sapphires were mined as early as the 7th Century BC in India and what is now Sri Lanka. Today they are found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Kashmir, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Madagascar, and the United…

What should i get my gf for Valentine's?

She dosent want flowers,candy,or a stuffed bear......and i really cant think of anything else....plz really isnt a prob so any advice would help

diamond earrings or bracelet or ring or pendant.
not diamonds maybe ruby or sapphire.
diamonds might be conflict diamonds.
consider her favorite book
fancy soap or a massage
a cappucino maker, a piece of furniture,
a fabulous soup pot...go on her interests...
a beautiful house plant...
tickets to circ du to a play...
tickets to a concert...let HER interests be your guide
to get her something she would enjoy.

What comes with this?


a necklace, ring, or earrings?

It is a three piece set, so you get the pendant AND ring AND earrings all together.

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