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Roberto Coin Diamond Pendant

Introducing the Charleston Waterkeeper Pendant by Roberto Coin

Last month, Roberto Coin’s boutique shop on King Street celebrated its first year in the Charleston market. Along with Geiss Jewelers, Roberto Coin selected Charleston Waterkeeper as their partner organization to help celebrate this special occasion. It was at this anniversary reception that we launched (softly) a collaborative project that had been in the works since this summer. was there to capture the evening. Click the image below for the full article and more photos from the evening.

Without further adieu, we introduce to you, the Charleston Waterkeeper pendant by Roberto Coin…

The pendant is crafted from sterling silver and strung on a silver chain, featuring a chic version of the Charleston Waterkeeper logo on the front. A small diamond sits in place of the fish’s eye on the front side of the pendant.

Roberto Coin’s signature ruby is encrusted on the back side of the pendant. Inspired by ancient Egyptian legend, it was believed that when a ruby touches the skin, it brings long life, health, happiness, and prosperity.

This pendant is particularly significant, because in addition to bringing the aforementioned good fortune, it also helps protect Charleston’s waterways. $50 from every $90 necklace will be directly donated to Charleston Waterkeeper to aid in the protection of the public’s right to clean, fishable, swimmable waterways.

Roberto Coin New ROBERTO COIN 18K White Gold Pave Diamond Enamel Necklace Retail
Jewelry (Roberto Coin)
  • Pendant is 24mm long and 17mm wide
  • Retails for $2140

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Can you help me with a gift for my girlfriend?

Here's the situation. She lost a palm tree necklace that had a lot of sentimental value for her since she used to live in Florida and now lives here. I want to surprise her and get her one, the problem is I can't really afford a real diamond one, but there's this one for $30 that has been getting good reviews. Do you think this one would seem really cheap or should I try to get a bunch of money together to buy her a real diamond one?

I think it shouldnt matter how much you spend on a gift, or if it seems cheap or not. i think the cheap one will be good. she'll know it came from the heart. if you want, just get her that one for now, then secretly start saving up and get her a real one in the future.

I need someone to pick 3 things for me..?

So i have an ASL project and i need someone to pick 3 cities, 3 ways of transportation and 3 souvenirs to bring can anyone help me choose places?!

New York City, NY, Subway, Taxi cab air freshener
San Francisco, CA cable car, Golden gate bridge magnet
Pensacola, FL, boat, seashell

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