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Located near Union Square in downtown San Francisco, our showroom is an elegant and serene environment to privately view our collection. Our jewelry specialists are here to offer everything from technical gemstone expertise to explaining our ethical practices to full custom design. Knowing your gem or diamond preferences beforehand is exceptionally helpful, as each visit is personally tailored to you. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the guidance and information you need to find the perfect ethical origin jewelry.

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Max Mark Inc. 10k Yellow Gold Diamond (1/4cttw, H-I Color, I1-I2 Clarity) Cluster Pendant Necklace, 18"
Jewelry (Max Mark Inc.)
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Mama got diamonds

by -

I didn't even think DH did anything. He let me relax all day and took care of the kiddos, let me sleep in, cooked, etc. But I kind of thought that was it.
About 7pm last night DD1 (age 2) brings me a box with a new watch. A couple minutes later the baby (just turned 1) walked in with a box with a diamond tennis bracelet. Then DH walks over with another box; it was a gorgeous journey pendant diamond necklace.
BLING! I didn't expect any of it!

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Can you help me with a gift for my girlfriend?

Here's the situation. She lost a palm tree necklace that had a lot of sentimental value for her since she used to live in Florida and now lives here. I want to surprise her and get her one, the problem is I can't really afford a real diamond one, but there's this one for $30 that has been getting good reviews. Do you think this one would seem really cheap or should I try to get a bunch of money together to buy her a real diamond one?

I think it shouldnt matter how much you spend on a gift, or if it seems cheap or not. i think the cheap one will be good. she'll know it came from the heart. if you want, just get her that one for now, then secretly start saving up and get her a real one in the future.

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