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Hip Hop Diamond Pendants

Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip Hop Pendants have raised the bar to unprecedented heights when it comes to hip hop jewelry innovation. These aren't just pieces of jewelry, but masterpieces in their own right.
With the rise of hip hop jewelry has come the rise of Hip Hop Earrings. Responsible for bringing the pave and micro pave settings into the mainstream, they are now a well-respected jewelry item.
Probably the most eye-catching, mouth-watering of all forms of hip hop jewelry. With manufacturers like Joe Rodeo steering the trend onward, Hip Hop Watches have skyrocketed in popularity.
These men's Hip Hop Chains are the real deal. Whether with diamonds or without, these gold and diamond chains are getting more and more iced out all the time. And we like it that way.
The hip hop jewelry look is not complete with out a diamond bracelets. Iced out Hip Hop Bracelets have become hugely popular among rap superstars, and it's pretty easy to see why.
From its inception, Hip Hop Crosses have been the pioneering pieces of the hip hop jewelry movement. These diamond crosses are now one of the most recognizable pop culture icons in the world.
The Bart Simpson trend was created by rap super star Guccimane. This trend is still kicking and our Bart pendant is exquisite. Guccimane is responsible for a lot of other trends in hip hop jewelry.
Pharrell commissioned TraxNYC to create this custom pendant. Create one just like it or make one in your own unique style.
Jay Z is the king of hip hop jewelry trends -
he turned rope into gold with his endorsement of shamballa.

Custom Hip Hop Jewelry - Silver

Create unique hand-made jewelry just like today's hottest artists.
All the celebrities are wearing huge impressive silver CZ Pendants. Don't let the fact that they are silver and CZ fool you, they are all hand made to the exact customer specifications. This piece of jewelry has never really turned into a trend.Custom Hip Hop Jewelry 1 However Pharrell is known for his massive collection of diamond jewelry. 1 Flat Price Fully Custom Hip Hop Jewelry Also... See our full collection of diamond and silver cz jewelry here.

Custom Hip Hop Jewelry - Diamond

Mad Block Time

This is one of our most detailed pieces of hip hop jewelry. Created for the owner of an up and coming hip hop group called Blocktime. This piece shows the true potential of detailed custom jewelry work.

Jordan 23

This diamond pendant was created for the manager of an international hip hop star.

About Hip Hop Jewelry

Custom Hip Hop Jewelry 2 Custom Hip Hop Jewelry 3 Custom Hip Hop Jewelry 4 Custom Hip Hop Jewelry 5
Sportty Hip-Hop Fashion Good Wood Diamond Shape Pendant Ball Bead Chain Necklace Black
Jewelry (Sportty)
  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Cool and fashionable.
  • Perfect for dressing up your special occasions.
  • Make you look more fashionable.
  • Fully showing your special taste and personality.

1/4ct Journey Diamond Heart Pendant $99

by ABargainShopper

1/4ct Journey Diamond Heart Pendant in 10k White Gold
Retail Price: $399.99 - Sale: $99.00 + Free Shipping
Gorgeous journey diamond heart pendant set in 10K white gold on an 18" white gold box chain. Honor your journey through life together with the 14 graduated diamonds in this beautiful pendant, each larger than the next, as in your life, each day better than the last.
Hurry! Limited Time Only!

Turkmen Leader Gives Himself Huge Award

by saltyolgeaser

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan (AP) - Turkmenistan's president awarded himself a large gold and diamond pendant and a 30 percent raise to celebrate his 50th birthday, an echo of the lavish personality cult built around his autocratic late predecessor.
Berdymukhamedov decorated himself with the Motherland Order - a gold pendant bedecked with diamonds on a massive golden chain lined with gems - for his "outstanding achievements," the newspaper said. The piece weighed more than 2 pounds.
As part of the award, Berdymukhamedov also received $20,000 and a 30 percent salary and pension increase, it said

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My Q
How Are Lad-Made Diamond Hip Hop Jewerly Made?


I was on a site a while ago, and the guy was selling pieces of lab-made jewerly, and they looked great.
Yellow diamond watches, sparkling pendants etc. For the hip hop community or, rap.

I was just wondering, if anyone knew how he got his hands on them, or how he made them. Overall, how it works for him as a sole-trader.

Thanks very much,


Probably in a factory in mexico or china

Im shopping for a mens diamond pendant but its not may sites out there...?

What im looking for as in style is more of a hip hop diamond pendant and not those little bitty ones like from kays, or tiffanys. im looking for the jewelry in relation to or

i tried ebay and i pretty much bookmarked everything there.. if anyone knows of more please post them.. thanks

Maybe you can have one custom made.

Arlo G
Where is the best place in Toronto for Hip Hop bling jewellery?

I am looking for grillz made by a talented jeweller named Trevor-D. Someone showed me what he made for them and it was incredibly beautiful. A ring encrusted with diamonds and platinum. I need one fast for my next P.R. reception at the radio station!

Your are CORRECT! Oh my yes! I went to him for a pendant for my friend Papoose and it was magificent!
If you get off at Dundas subway station you will find him at 211 yonge street suite 306 . He is above FLOW 935 radio station and you MUST see what he makes!!!
Check him out...

Bboy W
What are some differences and similarities between today's hip hop and hip hop before 2000?

Like in terms of lyrical content, fads, subject matter, production style, etc.

I agree with J E M in that the difference is how commercialized the music has become, but there are also similarities. Many albums from the 90's influenced music today, and you can hear how the beats are similar.

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