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Diamond Wishbone Pendant

Carissima 9ct White Gold 0.25ct Diamond Wishbone Pendant on

Jewellery by Carissima gold


Taking its name from the Italian for "my dearest one", Carissima is an expression of love and affection. With this in mind we have developed the CARISSIMA GOLD Collection of fine 9ct gold jewellery.

The Collection draws its inspiration from the romance of Italy and the Italian tradition of classic design and precise craftsmanship to create special pieces that will delight any jewellery lover.Carissima gold logo From timeless everyday pieces to innovative contemporary designs, the Collection embraces over 3, 000 superbly crafted fine jewellery pieces, giving you the opportunity to buy a single item or build your very own collection for all occasions.

A wonderful gift for yourself or that special person in your life, when you give a piece of CARISSIMA GOLD jewellery you can be sure that it will express your feelings towards your "dearest one". Each piece comes beautifully packaged, complete with a guarantee card and luxury gift box.

Simple enough for the day and stylish enough for a glamorous evening out, CARISSIMA GOLD jewellery represents superb quality and an elegance that will complete your look and be a possession to treasure forever.

Sterling Silver and Diamond Wishbone Pendant Necklace (1/10 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity), 18"
Jewelry (Verigold Jewelry)
  • A quirky wishbone pendant lends a youthful, fun vibe to this classic diamond necklace, which can be worn solo or layered with other pieces.
  • Crafted in .925 sterling silver
  • All our diamond suppliers certify that to their best knowledge their diamonds are not conflict diamonds.
  • The total diamond carat weight listed is approximate. Variances may be up to .01 carats.
  • Imported

Some would say that's too much

by EggNog

But it depends on how far your relationship has progressed and how financially capable you are.
If that's how much you want to spend, I think it's ok, especially since it seems you are beyond the casual(non-committal) dating stage.
I once bought diamond earrings as a gift but ended up exchanging them for a necklace+pendant instead.(she can wear it all the time)
You can get a good deal at the gift center.
OR go with the purse(brand/style you know she likes), and if you have remaining dough buy tickets to a show like Cirque De Soleil or that Dinner Theater thing they have down at the embarcadero

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Diamond Wishbone Pendant With 18 in. Chain Sterling Silver RMK1-A1-SL - L10000007
Single Detail Page Misc ()
  • Diamond Wishbone Pendant
  • 18 in. Chain
  • Sterling Silver
  • TDiaWt 0.10 cts.
  • TGW 0.10 cts.
OWC OWC Sterling silver Wishbone Pendant W. .03 diamond
Jewelry (OWC)
  • Sterling silver engagement ring pendant on 18 cable chain
  • diamond accent
  • Rhodium Plated
SoooKu SoooKu Sterling Silver Lucky Wishbone Short Necklace Faith Charm Friendship
Beauty (SoooKu)
  • Jewelry Type:Necklace Color:Silver
  • Material:Gold Plated&Silver
  • Pendant Size:20mm(0.8inch)*10mm(0.4inch)
  • Best gift for yourself or for the one you love!
  • It is designed for elegant ladies.Suitable for wearing everyday.


With a Square cut neckline on an evening gown...what kind of necklace should I wear with it?

Scooped? Choker? Tear drop? V-shaped? chain & pendant?

My dress is covered in smokey blue beading. So the necklace will be in clear rhinestones. Just looking for the right shape necklace.

F you have a glitzy dress, you shouldnt wear any necklaces. maybe just drop earrings. especially with square necklines. it gets tricky

GIRLS: Which necklace should I get?

We are in highschool, I like this girl and she kind of likes me too. We are good friends. Her birthday is coming up and I want to get her a present. If you were her, which one would you prefer? Or should I get her something completely different? Also, she is a music lover. She sings and performs and all that. But I couldn't find a necklace with a musical note pendant. Thanks!

Option 1:

Option 2:

Is she girly? If so, I would get her #3. But if she is more edgy or tomboy-ish, I might get #1. #2 just seems like it is a bit too much, personally.
Hope I helped! :)

Which necklace should I get my girlfriend?

I want to buy my girlfriend a necklace for christmas but can't decide between 2. Help me please?|49.99%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D420

Thank you.

I'm a girl, and Personally I'm in love with the first one. It's gorgeous. Plus, I noticed the second one is a lot more expensive. And that's oaky, if money isn't an object for you. But still, I like the first one, even though it's cheaper. Both were very pretty, but still f I had to pick between the two, I'd definitely choose the first. :) hope I helped!

What kind of necklace would you call this?

It's a chain with a pendant, and the pendant dangles two more chains at the end of it. It looks like this:…

In the product description, it's called a chain dangle necklace, which is also correct. A Y-necklace usually has only one strand extending from the chain, a chain dangle can have multiple strands dangling from one point or from several. So, categorically, it is a chain dangle, with a Y shape.

Who all got jewellery recently from their boyfriend/spouse?

Tell me all abt it..:-)

piple who havent got, pls don answer..q is who got? not who din get

My hubby is generally terrible with presents.
But for his wedding gift to me he got me a gold diamond necklace. The pendant has 5 brilliant cut diamonds a larger diamond at the bottom and each diamond gets smaller as it goes up. Sort of a teardrop shape, but not...
He gave it to me at our reception and I love it.

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