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Diamond Pendants with Earrings

Diamond Dangle Earrings: Dazzling Drops

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She enters the room, diamond drop earrings dangling prettily, swaying and sparkling in every direction.

Such is the captivating beauty of dangling diamond earrings. Everyone around you will appreciate their grace and raw beauty. It makes wearing diamond dangle earrings a heck of a lot of fun!

It also means that shopping for diamond drops is a blast, especially considering the vast selection and unbelievable prices at Ross-Simons. Here you will find diamond dangle earrings coupled with gemstones from all over the world, with a pair to suit every taste and price point. So when you find the right pair of diamond drops, go ahead and order using our 100% secure checkout, then it's time to dangle away!

Turning Your Loved One Into A Diamond

by cheaande

Where to place the remains of a loved one can be an agonizing decision. It is also a very personal one. An Illinois company claims to realize this and in turn is offering a unique option: For a few thousand dollars, you can turn a loved one's ashes into diamonds.
That's right, a diamond. A precious gem that serves as a shining reminder of your loved one's presence on earth and a lasting token that can be at your fingertips forever. It may sound disturbing, but the company offering the service, LifeGem, has seen a steady growth in business. The diamonds are all made on site at the company's Elk Grove Village factory, which has patented the process that takes nature millions of years

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Beadnova 100 Pcs Silver Plated Crystal Rondelle Spacer Beads 10mm (#280 Jet Black)
Art and Craft Supply ()
  • Material: Lead Free Nickel Free Metal Silver Plated
  • Crystal Color: #280 Jet Black
  • Size: 10mm
  • Hole Size : 1.5~2mm (NOT FIT PANDORA BRACELET)
  • Quantity: 100 pcs / Pack
CrystalPlace CrystalPlace 5 Pieces Diamond Hanging Crystal Garland Wedding Strand with 6 Beads and Prism Pendant Accent (Jet Black)
Kitchen (CrystalPlace)
  • Prism Size: 50mm (2 in.)
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Qty: 5 (as shown)
  • Overall Length: 5.8
  • Can be used as Accents, Ornaments,Suncatchers,Party Decoration & Chandelier Accents


Mrs Brandon
What should I pair with a classic long-sleeved cotton black blouse?

With collar?

I know some of you might say there's a lot to pair with it, like beige slacks or pencil cut skirt but I want to look really decent and respectable wearing it. So, could you tell me what color and what kind of bottoms you would pair with this? What shoes? What accessories?

Thank you.

My dark rinse, j. crew hip slung jeans, kenneth cole cheetah print high heels. probably gold hoop earrings.

nothing fancy.

What accessories to go with a long black dress?

I bought a long black dress for a dinner. It's about ankle length, made of cotton and have a soft and sort of taper nicely to my body. It is however too plain. What can I wear to make it stand out more? Thinking of wearing a diamond pendant necklace and a wide belt at the waist. Will it be nice? If so what colour should my belt be and what sort of belt should I wear?

High heels, most probably black. Dark hose. (Stay away from white, whatever you do.) The necklace sounds fine, but a thin platinum one is even better (as it doesn't attract as much eyesight). Your earings and hair will make the outfit. Clearly, by your name... you want to hear about wide belt virtues? But, unless you're planning on carrying tools... I'd leave it home.

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