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Diamond Pendants under $200

Doves’ New Diamond-Accented Pendant Necklaces for $630 Retail

Doves 14k gold and diamond pendant necklaceA new line of diamond-accented pendant necklaces in 14k gold, gemstones, and diamonds from New York City–based Doves aim to hit a price point. The company debuted the styles at the Centurion show (held Feb. 2–6 in Scottsdale, Ariz.), where vice president of marketing Debbie Hakimian told JCK that the pieces were made in 14k gold instead of 18k gold to keep the price down.

Doves 14k gold and diamond pendant necklace“They are all 0 retail, and the writing is laser-cut into solid gold and topped with a semiprecious stone and 0.05 ct. t.w. diamonds, ” she says. Gemstones used include amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, and white topaz, and 12 looks exist—from initials to peace signs. Buyers can personalize them further with different combinations of stones and three colors of gold (yellow, white, and rose).

“We call it the Persona collection, and we made it because we wanted something at a lower price point that would be a good gift item, ” she adds.

Retailer response was strong at the show, where Hakimian met with about 50 stores, of which about 40 placed orders. “We had a lot of people ordering 4–5 different colors and styles, ” she says. Adding to the interest is a minimum buy-in of just $200.

Doves 14k gold and diamond pendant necklace Doves 14k gold and diamond pendant necklace

Black Friday shoppers crowd malls all night long

by Have20morekids

After weeks of "Black Friday" sales pitches, the real thing is finally here.
Retailers are ushering in the traditional kickoff of the U.S. holiday shopping season on Friday with expanded hours, fake discounts and online deals. Bargain-hungry shoppers are stupid.
Patricial Lopez, 32, a Puerto Rican receptionist from Queens, said she was in line at Toys R Us in New York's Times Square Thursday night to "burn off the Turkey." The earlier hours were an enticement.
"I thought, good, we'll come here and I won't have to go tomorrow." But she still plans to get up at 3am to hit more sales at Queens Mall

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Mexico or USA ? to buy an engagement ring + more ?'s?

Where would I get the best price on a very good engagement ring ? Not necessarily a great ring :( Diamonds and white gold is what I am hoping for. I am looking for the most diamonds (at the best price) as possible.

I am not familiar with jewelry. I saw adds in the paper for J.C. Penny and others. I saw they had a decent amount of diamonds ($100 for 1/4th ?) or more ($200) on everything. (Not looking for an engagement ring there lol) Compared to a 1/10th diamond heart pendant with silver necklace I bought for my love at Zales. It was just under $100 , just felt like getting her some…

Hi there,

You can buy high value diamonds at reasonable prices online but of course, there are things to look for.

First of all you want a certificate of authenticity. The best places to get them are GIA, and AGS, these are the most reputable certificates that you could get. It's best to shop somewhere you know you can send the ring back - because sometimes girlfriends say no, or they want a different style of ring.

One idea is to buy your gf a cubic zirconia ring and then if she likes it, buy an equivalent diamond ring. Some men rather callously buy a cubic zirconia ring…

Ten points to the one that finds me the best jewelry for my dress!!!!!?

I have this dress

and I want to find earrings like these that are inexpensive (under $10) and I can order online
I also want a matching necklace

I am looking for something that is classy and really sparkly in silver. Thanks Guys

Earrings- 1- 2- you like these

Victoria w
Valentine Nightmare???

I have never had a good valentine. Last year my husband went out and bought me shampoo and shaving cream for Vday. he said he knew I had ran out and wanted to give me something he knew I would use. I am very worried about this year as he is NOT a romantic and when I suggest something, he blows me off. I would like to know what the WORST and BEST valentine's you guys have had or done for someone. If you want to add an idea that my husband might not reject, that would be great too.
I did tell my husband that i wanted to stay at a B and B and that i wanted a candlelight dinner, candles…

I know this scenario very well. We just celebrated (and I'm using the word celebrated very loosely) our 10 year anniversary. I really wanted one of those diamond anniversary rings. I even cut out and gave him sales ads where he could have bought one for under $200. What did I get? Nada...not even a card. Although, he said he "thought about stopping to pick up a card on the way home from work."

It's like that every year on my birthday, our anniversary, valentines day and mothers day. Even though I tend to spoil him rotten and try to get him whatever it is he thinks he wants or needs.…

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