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Diamond Pendants South Africa

The Queen's Top 10 Diamonds: #9

Knowing as we do the tremendous size of Queen Elizabeth's jewel collection today, it's a little hard to imagine a time when she didn't have many jewels to pick from...but the next entry on our countdown dates from just such an era. Number nine belongs to some of the first major diamonds to join the queen's collection.

The South African Necklace and Bracelet

In 1947, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth took their daughters Elizabeth and Margaret on a tour to Africa. Elizabeth celebrated her 21st birthday while abroad, and her presents included some of her first large pieces of jewelry. In Rhodesia, she received a wonderful diamond flame lily brooch; in South Africa, a large and impressive diamond necklace.
The original long necklace, with all 21 large diamonds
The gift from the South African government included 21 sizeable diamonds, the largest of which was 10 carats. The larger diamonds were separated by groups of a baguette diamond with a small brilliant on either side to form a long necklace. Princess Elizabeth was presented with the gift at a Young People's Ball, where a nearby microphone picked up her gasp of delight as she opened her new treasure. From then on, she has referred to the South African set as "my best diamonds".

Wearing the set in her younger years

In 1952, she shortened the necklace from 21 to 15 large diamonds and created a bracelet with the remainders. To the bracelet, she added another treasure from the 1947 tour: a 6 carat diamond given to her by De Beers.
Little Mary Oppenheimer presented the De Beers diamond to Princess Elizabeth (Princess Margaret got one too)
This set is still in use today, and even plays the diplomatic jewelry role from time to time, as when she wore it during the most recent state visit from South Africa. She is said, even today, to still refer to these as her best diamonds. For owning that title, and for being one of the first major additions to her jewelry collection - before wedding presents, before becoming queen, and before inheriting Queen Mary's jewels - this set owns a place on my countdown.

At the South African state banquet, 2010

(And P.S.: this is also part of this summer's diamond exhibition at Buckingham Palace.)
Brass Images Handmade Diamond Squiggly Pendant Necklace (South Africa)
Jewelry (Brass Images)
  • Handcrafted in South Africa from Brass
  • Fair Trade Product
  • Necklace is 15 inches
  • Diamond Pendant is 2 inches long

Black Friday shoppers crowd malls all night long

by Have20morekids

After weeks of "Black Friday" sales pitches, the real thing is finally here.
Retailers are ushering in the traditional kickoff of the U.S. holiday shopping season on Friday with expanded hours, fake discounts and online deals. Bargain-hungry shoppers are stupid.
Patricial Lopez, 32, a Puerto Rican receptionist from Queens, said she was in line at Toys R Us in New York's Times Square Thursday night to "burn off the Turkey." The earlier hours were an enticement.
"I thought, good, we'll come here and I won't have to go tomorrow." But she still plans to get up at 3am to hit more sales at Queens Mall

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Family diamonds?

My mom has been holding onto several family pieces of diamond jewelry - a "dinner" ring of her grandmother's, her mom's engagement ring, her original engagement ring (my dad upgraded her on their 20th anniversary), two diamond brooches, a pair of sapphire and diamond cufflinks...anyway, she recently told me that when I get engaged, there's no way my man should buy a diamond, since she'd rather have them recycled within the family than sold to strangers.

My boyfriend and I are discussing marriage, though an engagement would be maybe a year off. How do I tactfully tell him that I…

My dad offered my mother's wedding ring up when my HTB asked for his permission to propose. I suggest you have him ask permission anyways because the parents really appreciate the sign of respect (and are more likely to help pay for the wedding IMO if they are asked beforehand). It isn't because he sees you as property like some of the extreme feminists claim.

If your boyfriend is totally against asking for your hand then just have your mother offer the diamonds. It's no big deal just say something like,

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Where can you find someone who makes custom cameo pendants?

I want my own personaly made pendant.

Gareth Eckley does custom portrait cameos.

They range in price from $1,200 to over $10,000 in US dollars. (Larger stones sizes, diamond accents and settings in 18kt gold/platinum are priced higher)

It is less expensive to have him carve the cameo, and then let your local jeweler do the pendant and setting. They are really exquisite.

Price range of putting my own diamond into a ring?

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You can ask these people - helped my cousin's fiancé customize the ring he was giving her. They have a live chat facility which you can use.

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