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Diamond Pendants Online Shopping

Diamond and Jewelry Buying: Online Versus Jewelry Store

7324_4There are countless places you can buy a gorgeous diamond or a stunning gemstone jewelry item, but they each generally have a selection of benefits and drawbacks. How do you know where to go for that special item you’ll cherish forever? In order to help you find the ideal engagement ring, pendant or bangle of your dreams, here are some of the common differences between buying online versus buying in store, and which, ultimately, is the best option for you. Peace of mind is essential when investing in jewelry; make sure you go home feeling happy and secure.

Buying In Store

Choosing to do your diamond buying in store is common practice. After all, you not only see the piece you’re interested in up close, you also hold it and speak with the salesperson about it, including any questions you have about technical aspects of jewelry buying. Most people don’t have an expert understanding about what clarity, carat, cut and color grading really mean. A knowledgeable salesperson can help illuminate some of the more complicated terms involved.

On the other hand, buying in person has a few drawbacks. For instance, salespeople have a notorious reputation for laying on pressure. Buying a diamond or gemstone shouldn’t be a stressful experience that leaves you feeling uncertain about what you just purchased. Also, jewelry stores have a limited selection by nature, even the giant “factory-direct” shops that advertise on the radio. What you see may not be all the options available on the market.5436ru_3 You never want to find out after the fact that the design you truly desired was available somewhere you didn’t think to look.

Buying Online

Growing in popularity all the time, many people are turning to the Internet to find their perfect ring, necklace or pair of earrings. It’s no wonder, when you realize that the online jewelry catalog has no limit, so a wide variety of products are nearly endless. You never have to wonder if another store has something a little closer to your fantasy style. Additionally, there are no high-pressure salespeople, and you enjoy complete privacy while you search through thousands of listings, taking your time to find that one special piece.

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Black Friday shoppers crowd malls all night long

by Have20morekids

After weeks of "Black Friday" sales pitches, the real thing is finally here.
Retailers are ushering in the traditional kickoff of the U.S. holiday shopping season on Friday with expanded hours, fake discounts and online deals. Bargain-hungry shoppers are stupid.
Patricial Lopez, 32, a Puerto Rican receptionist from Queens, said she was in line at Toys R Us in New York's Times Square Thursday night to "burn off the Turkey." The earlier hours were an enticement.
"I thought, good, we'll come here and I won't have to go tomorrow." But she still plans to get up at 3am to hit more sales at Queens Mall

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