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Diamond Pendants on Sale

Chrome Hearts Pendants is one of men tasteful decorations

ImagePendant, watches, neckties is to show one of the few men tasteful decorations, moreover, can not wear watches and tie, Pendant can not but department . So, whether you are successful or leisure big man little man, whether you as noble, or trivial, Chrome Hearts pendant are unable to stop the accessories you one .

here are some fashion pendant show .

1. Chrome Hearts 925 Silver Pendant BS Fleur Plain Bail Luxury

【Brand】 Chrome Hearts

【Model / Size】 Height51mm×Width26mm×Thickness9mm

Image【Raw materia】 Silver:925

All chrome hearts has been enlarged to show beauty of detail. Gemstones may have been treated or enhanced by heating or irradiation. Some may require special care in jewelry repair or cleaning.

2. Chrome Hearts Jewelry Silver 925 Diamond Pendants On Sale from

【Model / Size】 Height38mm×Width12mm×Thickness4mm

Diamond 1.3mm 0.01ct?

【Raw materia】 Silver:925


【Model / Size】 Height30mm×Width18mm×Thickness5mm Chain75cm


Carmen Lopez
How to sell a diamond pendant necklace?

I would like some advice. I have my wedding coming up so I'm trying to sell anything that's useless to me that's worth money because I could use everything I can get!

I have this diamond heart pendant that an old boyfriend gave to me about 6 years ago, it appears to have been bought at the jewelry exchange. It is 14k gold and has 3 diamonds dangling down center of the heart. To be honest hte diamonds don't appear to be of the best quality...but they are indeed diamonds.

I'd like to sell it, should I just go to a pawn broker? I've checked around online and comparable pendants go for…

Do not go to a pawn shop. They will weigh it and only give you 1/2 (if that) of what they say the weight is worth. They'll tell you that it's just going to be melted down. Then they'll stick it in their case and sell it for 5 times whatever they gave you for it.

Ask around to friends, relatives, etc. Try to remember anybody who ever admired it and call them. Take a picture of it and post it online or bulletin boards at church, work, etc. You could try ebay but that's always risky as somebody might buy it and then claim they didn't receive it, or wasn't as represented, etc.

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