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Diamond Pendants Necklace Indian

Indian Diamond Necklaces. What to know?

Diamond Pendant Sets-imitation

If we talk about trends in Indian Jewellery, say 20 years back only plain Gold Necklace were manufactured in India. There were few who could afford and opt for Diamond Necklaces. But things have changed over last 10 years. Today even at Middle class household you would find women buying Diamond necklace. Colour stones are equally consumed. So people have started moving towards Necklaces made out of Diamonds, Precious stones and Semi Precious stones.

necklace made out of Real Diamonds are costly items. If you are looking for cheaper alternative then you can have a necklace made out of of American diamonds or color stones.

Again within real diamonds, costlier ones are necklace made out of Solitaire Diamonds. Solitaire diamond necklace are made in straight 0.30 cent of diamonds or 0.50, 0.70 or 1.00.

Lets talk about Budget Jewellery – One common technique design used in making Diamond necklaces in India is graduating necklace, which are made with center solitaire diamond (could be of 1.50 carat) and slowly the size of the solitaire diamond reduces and at the end of necklace 0.30 carat stones are used. It looks attractive and brings down the cost. You have a necklace with series of Diamonds from bigger to smaller ones.

India is full of diversity. People from Delhi like to wear bulky Diamond Jewellery. So they use lot of lower color and lower clarity Diamonds in Jewellery. Trend in Northern India is to wear Jewellery that shows off lot of Diamonds and looks bigger and heavy. If they go for higher color diamonds or clarity of diamonds, necklaces will become very expensive.

Like heavy chandelier earring wear they can use 8 t 10 carats of diamonds in necklace 35 to 40 carats of diamonds etc. Even solitaire diamonds they are using in lower clarity and dark color diamonds as they are cheap in prices.

In southern India, trend is for using higher color & clarity of diamonds. If you look at cities in south India, jewelry is not too bulky as Northern India. They are delicate, but very attractive. Eye catching designs are used in it.
People usually buy Necklaces & matching earring together as set. Some of sets are of combination with Necklaces, earring, ring & bangle.

Necklace budget starts around Rs. 80, 000 and it might go till whatever price you are ready spend it. If you are ready to spend Rs. 2 core than you can make necklace completely out of Solitaire Diamonds. Don’t be surprised there are many in India who buy that costly Jewellery

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Adam T
What do the markings "p 10k" mean on a diamond pendant?

I'm pretty sure the 10k means 10 carat gold, but I'm not sure what the p means before it.

I dont kno wat the p means, but yah, 10k means 10 karat gold

Diamond Pendant for my girlfriend.....?

Now please don't take this in a racist way that's not how im meaning this but I want to buy my girlfriend a diamond pendant just for a I love you gift and I wanted to know what would look better on her white gold , silver , or yellow gold. the reason i ask is because she is half blackand half white.Thank you for your help.

I prefer silver diamond Pendant just for simplicity.. or gues for huge selection you want for your girlfriend diamond Pendant while searching for something i found this site there is a lot of selection there that you can probably buy for loving gift for.. hehe exciting.. wish you luck :)

Austin Woo
Snowflake diamond pendant for first christmas together with girlfriend?

What do you think about this pendant?
Is it original?
is it worth it $$$?
is it nice?

Is the listed savings legitimate? or do they bump up the price just to lower it to make it appealing to buyers?

The pendant is lovely, i'm sure she'd be thrilled with it under the Christmas tree! I would be!
Not quite sure what you mean by original. It's different, but in a good way, and festive too!
I think it's worth the money. 14K white gold and diamonds ~ very nice.
It's beautiful, good taste. Merry Christmas.

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