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Diamond Pendants in Hyderabad

Nizam of Hyderabad "Satlada" Pearl Necklace

Nizam of Hyderabad Satlada Pearl Necklace

Origin of Name :-

The necklace which is a masterpiece of pearl jewelry created by the artisans of Hyderabad in the 19th century is part of the fabulous collection of jewelry consisting of 173 pieces that once belonged to the Nizams of Hyderabad but later acquired by the Government of India, and is today kept in the vaults of the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai.Golconda Fort Thus the necklace gets its name from its internationally renowned, fabulously rich owners, the Nizams of Hyderabad, who ruled the kingdom situated in South-Central India for over 200 years until its forceful annexation to the Indian Union in 1948.

The name "Satlada Haar" refers to a seven-strand necklace in the local language, a five-strand necklace being known as "Panchlada Haar." Some of the other technical terms used by the Hyderabadi pearl jewelers include, "Nizam's jugnil" - two or more strands of pearls linked with a single central ruby-studded gold pendant; "Jadawi Lachcha" - choker with polki and other precious stones laced with a string of pearls; "Kundan Ranihar" - pearl sets with enamel kundan work; "Nagaram" - an elaborate pendant made of kundan work; "Gulubund chokers" - pearl chokers of five strings interspersed with three gold pendants set with rubies and emeralds, and usually worn with "Cholaphool earrings"; "Karanphool and Cholaphool earrings" - set with uncut diamonds and pearls; "Hath phool - finger and wrist ornaments; "Vaddenam" - waist belt; "Chatai" - a mat type chain, earrings and rings; "Chand bali" - a moon-shaped earring; "Rassi" - a chain set in the form of a rope.

Charminar Hyderabad Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad India
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Why do diamonds bright more than others?

I have two diamond rings, one of them is 1/5 of a carat and shines alot, the other one is 1/2 caract and is opaque. I cant decide which one to give to my girlfriend as an engagement ring. Also I want to know why one is less bright than the other one.
Ok, the 1/2 is not that opaque but it does not shine so much as the 1/5. I can tell the difference immediately which one is brighter.
The 1/5 I bought it from the store. But then I thought that the 1/5 was too small, so I bought another one in ebay which was 1/2 carat.

Diamond brightness is determined by the colour, clarity and cut.
clearer diamonds (a D is clearer than an F) allow more light in to reflect back from the facets at the back of the diamond.
Clarity (how many defects are inside the diamond) also stop light from reflecting around inside. The type of cut also determines how much light is refracted/reflected back out the top and sides. a "brilliant" cut diamond reflects a lot of the light back up and out, which makes it "sparkle" more.

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