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Diamond Pendant Necklace Pictures

Photo Necklace, Photo Engraved Jewelry & Picture Engraved Jewelry

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Here are a few creative Ideas for Laser Engraved Memorial Jewelry

Our selection of cremation ash pendants includes:

Parents and grandparents are always proud to be able to wear a picture of their child or grandchild.

  • There will be no more need to keep wrinkled photos stuffed into wallets and purses.
  • These photo engraved pendants are great as gifts for important special occasions like graduation, marriage, arrival of a new baby, etc.
  • The bereaved person can order picture engraved jewelry to remember their dearly departed easily every day.
  • Some of the picture engraved jewelry in our collection will also hold cremation ashes, and some of this jewelry can be engraved on the back .
  • Engraving lasts a lifetime .

All our photo engraved pendants and photo necklaces are protected by a full lifetime warranty on the engraved image. All our photo engraved jewelry is also water and scratch resistant, so you can wear it all the time and take it everywhere you go without worrying about damage.

If the photo you want to use happens to be the wrong size or has several images in it, our experts can extract the image you want and resize it to fit the jewelry before engraving.

All Photo Engraved Memorial Laser Jewelry Comes With:

  • Your choice of a chain or black satin cord with the pendants
  • A free gift box
  • A free funnel kit and instructions on how to fill the pendant (if applicable)
  • Our satisfaction guarantee, which means either you love it or you return it for a full refund.


by selectiveoutrage

Back in July, Hov was seen rocking a very conspicuous necklace while at Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Many conspiracy theorists thought it was an Illuminati pendant, but it actually was the Five Percenter symbol. When asked if the Five Percent Nation meant anything to him, Jay answered, “A little bit. By the way, this isn’t even my chain. I stole it from somebody.”
It looks like that somebody could be Carmelo Anthony.
While out celebrating the new year, Anthony’s wife LaLa posted a picture on Instagram of Melo wearing, what looks to be, the same chain Jay Z had on


Phyllis R
What is the meaning of the curve diamond journey pendant?

Very simple... you have loved the journey you have taken with your loved one and you are looking forward to the rest of the curves in life.

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