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Diamond Pendant Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers Latest American Diamond Jewelry for Women

The main staple in diamond jewelry is tonic in various shades and beautiful shades. Pendants are trained and supervised in elegant and classic geometric motifs such as diamond heart necklace . Furthermore, by dazzling diamonds in different ways detailed in shades of bright and beautiful colors that give them seductive beauty and radiance. Most of them are presented as the best moments of the wedding and reflect the emotions of love, care, romance, friendship, dedication, and others. Ultimately, you can decorate your neck with these beautiful pendants with style that can suit all occasions of life. We hope you enjoy this " / diamond pendant necklace Kay Jewelers Diamond Collection .

PP Handmade Om Symbol Jewel in Lotus Pewter Pendant ~ Spiritual Enlightenment
Jewelry (PP)
  • Hand Made
  • Double sided design. Made of high quality excelsior pewter.
  • Approx. pendant size: 1 inch (2.54 cm) in diameter. Weight : 6.4 g
  • Om Mane Padme Hum, Hail the Jewel is in the Lotus . This mystical phrase, popular in India for centuries, has it s roots in Buddhism. Understanding it s meaning...

Weeee, this is fun

by Shimmer1980

I've never had romance in a relationship. It's hard to even contain my excitement.
I posted yesterday about being obsessed with marriage. I think I keep analyzing my SO, but I am trying to stop, and just focus on fun.
Last night he told me he was taking me to dinner, and that I could pick any place I wanted. He presented me with a beautiful white gold heart shaped pendant with a diamond. It was all wrapped and fancy and it was so sweet. I've never gotten jewelry "just because". I thanked him over and over again. He told me that's one thing he loves about me, I get super excited about anything

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