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Diamond Journey Pendant Yellow Gold

Diamond Pendants for Sale

Diamond Journey Pendant

A diamond pendant is elegant, clean and timeless. The diamond pendants in Zoara's collection include modern and contemporary designs such as a diamond heart pendant and jewish jewelry, as well as traditional and antique designs.

If you are one for simple and classic lines, a solitaire diamond pendant is for you. Solitaire diamond pendants are a perfect necklace staple. they can be worn all the time with any outfit, whether complimenting simple jeans and a tee shirt, or an evening gown. That doesn't mean that all solitaire diamond pendants are the same. Your choice in the Diamond Cut, Diamond Color, diamond setting and specific chain will add the unique touch of your individuality, such as a white gold diamond pendant as opposed to a yellow gold diamond pendant. Round, square, heart or pear cut, or solitaire diamond pendants will always look chic and refined. They add the perfect hint of glimmer while being delicate and timeless. Bezel set solitaire diamonds, are more protected and offer a bit more of a modern look, while yellow gold or platinum prong set solitaire diamonds incorporate a touch of timeless class.

If you are looking for something a bit more colorful and unique, diamond pendants with one or more stone can feature not only white colorless diamonds, but sapphires, rubies, and other Colored Gemstones as well. Diamond pendants can frequently be engraved, and can be embedded with birthstones or other precious materials. Many ID tag pendants come in various shapes, such as a circle, a heart or a clover, and can feature diamonds, precious gemstones as well as a personalized engraved message. These kinds of pendants make wonderful wedding anniversary gifts, and can also be worn with almost anything. Diamond pendants also make fabulous gifts for friends and family, and come in so many versatile styles that you can chose one, or custom create one, that truly fits the character of its future wearer.

Here are a few depending on price though,,,,,

by 1985RIOS

My husband won't get me anything for VDAY

by HellaSillyPickles

I don't understand the last 2 yrs in a row he hasn't gotten me anything. he makes excuses"i don't celebrate it"
or"everything i get you you hate"
he never even tries (so how can he even say the second excuse?)
i wrote him a love poem for this vday
he didn't even get me a card nothing.
i showed him what kind of things i love like a diamond necklace, or a diamond ring. it doesn't have to be the bling-iest thing out there just something to show that he loves me.
he didn't get me flowers nothing
even my best friend in the world who has a shitty relationship with her husband he got her flowers and something else

Favorite or Special Wedding item...

by Danaart

Any of you girl doing a special wedding item? Something sentimental?
My grandmother passed away 2 years ago, a month before I became engaged. She left me a sapphire. She had left both her engagement diamond, and her wedding band to my aunt. My aunt made her diamond into a necklace, but wasn't using the wedding band (it was an insert set). So I asked if I could take the diamonds from the ring and use it with my sapphire to make a necklace.
My grandmother had a favorite jeweler, so I brought the ring and the sapphire there to see what they could do

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