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Diamond Initial Pendant Hip Hop

10 Hip Hop styled Diamond Watches

Color Diamond Hip Hop

It’s bling time with these 10 Hip Hop styled Diamond Watches. Many of the hip hop music artists wear very expensive designer watches that are actually dripping in diamonds. They are very distinctive and sit very high off the arm. They also boast huge face cases and straps that are also made of pave set diamonds and precious metals. Check out some of the videos below and let us know your favourite.

Hip Hop styled watches

(1) Gold Plated Diamond Watch
(2) Chopard Elton John Mens Diamond Watch

(3) Phosphor Diamond Series Phosphor Watch

(4) Joerodeo Diamond Watch

(5) Rolex President Day-Date 18348 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Watch

(6) Gucci Diamond Watch

(7) Rolex Datejust II 31.66 Ct Diamond Custom Made

(8) Diamond Rolex 32 Carat

(9) Diamond Watch with 2 bracelets

(10) Dior Christal Watch 910 Diamonds

All videos taken from the youtube channel
Main images from youtube channel Ilya Kushnirskiy

What does the term HIP HOP Mean?

Hip Hop is a broad conglomerate of artistic forms that originated as a specific street subculture within African American communities during the 1970s in New York City, specifically in Morris Heights, The Bronx, then later spread its influence to Latin American communities. It is characterized by four distinct elements, all of which represent the different manifestations of the culture: rap music (aural), turntablism or “DJing” (aural), breaking (physical) and graffiti art (visual). Despite their contrasting methods of execution, they find unity in their common association to the poverty and violence underlying the historical context that birthed the culture.

The term is frequently used mistakenly to refer in a confining fashion to the mere practice of rap music.

Here are a few depending on price though,,,,,

by 1985RIOS

My husband won't get me anything for VDAY

by HellaSillyPickles

I don't understand the last 2 yrs in a row he hasn't gotten me anything. he makes excuses"i don't celebrate it"
or"everything i get you you hate"
he never even tries (so how can he even say the second excuse?)
i wrote him a love poem for this vday
he didn't even get me a card nothing.
i showed him what kind of things i love like a diamond necklace, or a diamond ring. it doesn't have to be the bling-iest thing out there just something to show that he loves me.
he didn't get me flowers nothing
even my best friend in the world who has a shitty relationship with her husband he got her flowers and something else

Favorite or Special Wedding item...

by Danaart

Any of you girl doing a special wedding item? Something sentimental?
My grandmother passed away 2 years ago, a month before I became engaged. She left me a sapphire. She had left both her engagement diamond, and her wedding band to my aunt. My aunt made her diamond into a necklace, but wasn't using the wedding band (it was an insert set). So I asked if I could take the diamonds from the ring and use it with my sapphire to make a necklace.
My grandmother had a favorite jeweler, so I brought the ring and the sapphire there to see what they could do

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