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David Yurman necklaces add the finishing touch to any outfit, from flirty dresses to traditional business suits. One of the most versatile accessories in any woman’s jewelry box, necklaces can dramatically change even the most basic jeans-and-tee outfit. Simple heart- or cross-shaped David Yurman pendants lend a demure vibe to weekend looks, while large link necklaces toughen up button-downs and sweaters. Go-with-everything David Yurman pendant necklaces from the Cable Classics or Albion collections pair well with both office attire and date-night little black dresses. For an edgier vibe, David Yurman chain necklaces, whether dotted with diamond beads or sprinkled with pearls, are just the right accompaniment for a night out—wear yours with a leather top or mini dress. David Yurman necklaces allow you to express your individuality and style while pulling your look together. David Yurman has carved out a name for himself in the luxury jewelry market by crafting covet-worthy designs that become instant classics.

Gotti and Airline

by phylum

Gotti was a curiosity when it started then it became repetitious with the kids acting badly in the home.
Then they got into girls and the girls came over to the house. Then one of the boys becomes a "singer".
None of the Gottis has anything to make a story about. Does anyone care that Victoria goes to an office or that one of the boys mistakenly got a rabbit coat thinking it was a chinchilla or the boys were allowed to buy diamond pendants on a chain?
Watching people going through the process of dealing with an airline counter is as entertaining as watching people going to the dentist.

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Does diamond jewelry(custom made earrings or pendants) depreciate in value?

I have heard that diamond jewelry depreciates in value after it is bought coz unlike gold the diamond in it cannot be reshaped & reused. Is this true? does it appreciate like gold? will investing in diamond JEWELRY be wise?

Diamond Jewelry does not depreciate in value the way that you are thinking. The problem is that it's not worth the retail price that your paying in the first place. When a jeweler sells you jewelry, there is a LARGE markup on it so they can make a profit. You are not actually paying the wholesale price for the gold or the stones. Like gold diamonds do have their own value depending on the cut of the stone. The clarity. The color. And also the carat weight. How much a diamond is worth also depends basically on what someone is willing to pay for it and even current trends. Unless your…

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