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Chopard Happy Diamonds Pendant

Chopard Happy Diamonds Summer Jewelry Sale

Chopard Happy Spirit EarringsChopard’s extremely popular and instantly recognisable Happy Diamonds Collection is the perfect choice for your summer style. All feature fun vibrant designs with Chopard’s signature floating diamonds. You’ll see plenty of hearts, along with suns, stars, flowers and even starfish, so you know they were thinking summer when they created them. Check out a selection of our favorites and, make sure to click the link at the bottom for pricing and our full Chopard sale.

Happy Diamonds Multi-Heart Pendant Necklaces

Lets start with two multi-heart pendants with contrasting styles. The first is in yellow gold with three shrinking hearts They feature 1.43 carats of diamonds, with a single floating happy diamond in the center. The second uses three hearts as well but in an abstract format. Made in white gold, one heart features a full diamond pave and a center floating diamond. Both pendants measure 1”.

Happy Diamonds Flower RingHappy Diamonds Butterfly Pendant Necklace

This cute little pendant swaps the standard floating happy diamond for a floating butterfly motif. It’s made with white gold and a total of .63 carats of diamonds.

Happy Diamonds Lace Pendant Necklaces

This 2” pendant features an intricate lace design that frames three floating happy diamonds. They are set with 1.29 carats of diamonds and are available in yellow or white gold.

Happy Spirit Ring, Earrings and Necklace

This matching Happy Spirit trio is available separately but combine for a perfect set. All are made with white gold and feature a double heart motif with a full diamond pave and single floating diamond.

Happy Diamonds Multi-Heart Pendant NecklacesHappy Diamonds Sunburst Pendant Necklaces

We have three variations of this 1.75” pendant, each featuring a rose gold sunburst/sunflower motif with floating ring and happy diamond, with a white gold disc backing. One uses a black cord and the other two with white gold chains. The third features a diamond set circle inside the sun.

Happy Diamonds Sunburst Diamond Pave Ring

This ring uses the same sunburst motif as our pendant trio. Made with white gold, it features a diamond pave and floating diamond. The happy diamond is framed with rose gold for a splash of color.

Happy Diamonds Sunburst Ring

This ring also uses a sunburst motif, but in a different and more simple style. It’s made with yellow gold and includes a single floating diamond.

Happy Diamonds Starfish Pendant Necklace

This tropical white gold pendant measures 1.25” and features a starfish motif set with blue sapphires. It also includes three floating diamonds and a diamond pave-set bezel.

Happy Diamonds Flower Ring

This gleaming yellow gold ring features a flower pattern motif and a single floating happy diamond in the center.

Happy Lotus Rose Gold Ring

This rose gold ring is accented with two lotus leafs and features a floating lotus leaf and diamond in its center.

Happy Diamonds Heart Ring

Our last ring goes back to their traditional style, with a small diamond-set heart motif with a single floating diamond.

Happy Diamonds Heart Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are gaining popularity again this year and are always a popular part of a summer wardrobe. This white gold example features a single 3D heart charm set with diamonds and a floating diamond.

CHOPARD_795647_0001_140507_2 CHOPARD_795928_1001_140499_2 CHOPARD_796116_1001_140502_1 Chopard Happy Spirit Pendant Necklace

Gotti and Airline

by phylum

Gotti was a curiosity when it started then it became repetitious with the kids acting badly in the home.
Then they got into girls and the girls came over to the house. Then one of the boys becomes a "singer".
None of the Gottis has anything to make a story about. Does anyone care that Victoria goes to an office or that one of the boys mistakenly got a rabbit coat thinking it was a chinchilla or the boys were allowed to buy diamond pendants on a chain?
Watching people going through the process of dealing with an airline counter is as entertaining as watching people going to the dentist.

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Smarty Pants
Which pendant do you like better?

It is a gift for my maid of honor whose favorite color is aqua/turquoise which is nice because aquamarine is also her birthstone. All opinions and suggestions are welcome!
(I would have included this in my last question, but I didn't see it until now.)


I love the heart shaped one! it's more fitting for a wedding too. it's got the whole love theme going.

full of regret
Aquamarine gemstone?

I love the gemstone, aquamarine, even though my birthday is not in march. i have a beautiful aquamarine/diamond heart pendant. is it still ok to wear it?
people assume my birthday is in march b/c of my pendant. i feel sort of silly just telling them "no i just like aquamarine."

If you like the gemstone, WEAR IT. I know alot of people who wear gemstones from a month they werent born in, plus not alot of people know which stones are for which month; unless they are totally into gems, and jewlery lol. And its not silly, not at all.

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