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Black Diamond Pendants for Men

Mens Black Diamond Pendants at

  • Review by: Ashton - MA, USA I am a musician and this pendant is exactly for me! I have got it from people who love my music . I was very happy to get it
  • Review by: Helen- AUSTRALIA My husband is a pianist and l am very proud of him. So, l bought this gorgeous diamond piano pendant for him, and he really loved my present. The quality is really impressive. Now my husband's colleagues are very jealous. lol:)
  • Review by: Jessica - FL, USA A very unusual Gold Diamond Tiger Pendant ! It has an exquisite design . It looks very good on me
  • Review by: Elisa - MA, USA I ordered this tiger pendant for my husband. It was a great present for our anniversary. I wanted to buy him a pendant that he could wear daily. This one is incredible with its own style and design! The quality and the workmanship are great so we are both satisfied with my choice
  • Review by: Jey Jo - NY, USA this one is soo trendy! My dad surprised me with this present.a real masterpiece. THE DIAMONDS ARE CLEAR! I adore it. the best pendant ever
  • Review by: Jessica - AR, USA my boyfriend loves this cross pendant and wears it all the time. When he goes somewhere he wears it on the outside of his shirt so all can see how outstanding the pendant is. I like it on him.
  • Review by: Kate - FL, USA this sword pendant looks lovely... my boyfriend is very happy with it
  • Review by: Madison - NY, USA this cross pendant has a fabulous design. It is very well made. I like the combination of the white, brown and black diamonds. I am 100% pleased with this pendant.
  • Review by: Jessica - LA, USA It was my first order online and I'm so happy that I did it! I bought this pendant for my boyfriend...When he opened the box with the it he was surprised with the size of it and an unusual 3D design;) It's huge and looks amazing!!!Btw it came faster than I expected.
  • Review by: Susan- Russia I guess that this is an appropriate gift for my bf as he is a racer! I bought this pendant for him not to forget about me when he is at work... I think this tire pendant is worth the money I spent on it

I have a beautiful art deco pendant

by what-type-of-chain

Do I wear?
The pendant is white gold on the front and yellow gold underneath (only seen from the side). It has diamond chips. It hangs long... approx 1/2" wide x 2" long.
It's not costume. I was going to cash it in at a pawn shop and that's when I realized what I had. It was an ugly bracelet given by my aunt. I saw potential, had the bracelet links taken off and had a pendant loop put on.
I was using a black silk/satin cord. It fell apart. I'm wondering if there's something that would look nicer or if that's my best choice.

Need a new cheap watch

by tehg

In gold tone and am looking at these three:
If it helps I wear only yellow gold diamond jewelry (a tiffany's diamonds by the yard bracelet) a bezel set solitaire pendant and 1/2 ctw studs

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Smarty Pants
Which pendant do you like better?

It is a gift for my maid of honor whose favorite color is aqua/turquoise which is nice because aquamarine is also her birthstone. All opinions and suggestions are welcome!
(I would have included this in my last question, but I didn't see it until now.)


I love the heart shaped one! it's more fitting for a wedding too. it's got the whole love theme going.

full of regret
Aquamarine gemstone?

I love the gemstone, aquamarine, even though my birthday is not in march. i have a beautiful aquamarine/diamond heart pendant. is it still ok to wear it?
people assume my birthday is in march b/c of my pendant. i feel sort of silly just telling them "no i just like aquamarine."

If you like the gemstone, WEAR IT. I know alot of people who wear gemstones from a month they werent born in, plus not alot of people know which stones are for which month; unless they are totally into gems, and jewlery lol. And its not silly, not at all.

Mixing gold and silver jewelry?

I have a gold claddagh ring my mother gave me that I never take off. I don't really care what the "rules" of fashion are, but I agree that mixing gold and silver doesn't look very good. So can I only wear gold jewelry? Or does it not really matter because its only one small ring?

I really don't think it matters! I would mix colors in rings
If you like it, don't worry about what it looks like to others

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