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Black Diamond Pendant Necklace

Posted on October 21, 2014 – 10:58 am

Birthstones make a jewelry gift unique. Birthstone jewelry also lets you personalize your wardrobe with meaningful baubles. Birthstone jewelry selections such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings with special gems are different from all other types of jewelry and can become a part of your signature style. Whether you are looking for birthstone jewelry for yourself or someone you love, our list of birthstone options for each month can help you get started. January. January's birthstones are garnet and rose quartz. Garnets range in color from deep burgundy to mossy green, though the red hues are the most popular. Rose quartz stones are a lovely pink or coral shade and have a frosted appearance. February. The most popular birthstone for February is amethyst, which is a beautiful deep purple gem that can also be green. Onyx is also an accepted birthstone for February. Onyx stones are black, opaque and shiny. March. March's birthstones are aquamarine and bloodstone. Aquamarines come in shades of blue, from light ice-blue to deep sea-green. Bloodstones are quite unique and are typically very dark green with red spots. April. April's traditional birthstone is the diamond. Although a genuine, colorless diamond is the most common April birthstone choice, colored diamonds can also adorn April birthstone jewelry. Lab-created cubic zirconias are beautiful diamond alternatives. Quartz is also an accepted birthstone for April, and comes in many colors and varieties, including chocolate, lime, and rose. May. May's birthstones are emerald, agate and chrysoprase. Emeralds are rare and are classified as one of the four precious gemstones. Emeralds come in a variety of green hues. Agate is very different from emeralds, with stripes of color in hues such as yellow, orange, white, pink and gold. Chrysoprase is a gorgeous sea-green turquoise stone that complements a variety of other stones and colors. June. June's birthstones are pearl, moonstone and alexandrite. Pearls come in many colors, from shiny white shades to deep chocolate hues. Moonstones are very unique and have a beautiful iridescence and luster. Many moonstones look almost like ice, with several layers of pale blue and frosty white. Alexandrites come in many hues, including purple, green and red. Rich, deep purple alexandrites are the most popular. July...

Birthstone Options for Each Month

I'm a David Yurman fan

by shortendofstick

Classic, and most pieces can be just as dressy as casual. He has boutiques of course but think you can find select collection pieces at Nordy's too. Some styles are also unisex. My favorite is a two tone amethyst pendant and my 3-wire gold bracelet with a series of diamond "x".
Of course, now you HAVE heard of Jacob, right? Bling bling baby!

What is your birthstone? do you like it?

by theamazingleah

Mine is amethyst (february). i have always liked it. don't have much of it, though. just some earrings, a ring i had as a child, and i think i might have a pendant somewhere.
my sister's is diamond (april). she hates it. diamonds are more expensive than other birthstones, and she feels they're mostly too flashy for daily wear. she has a pair of diamond earrings that she doesn't wear, and she has my grandmother's wedding diamond (reset) and her own wedding ring.

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Smarty Pants
Which pendant do you like better?

It is a gift for my maid of honor whose favorite color is aqua/turquoise which is nice because aquamarine is also her birthstone. All opinions and suggestions are welcome!
(I would have included this in my last question, but I didn't see it until now.)


I love the heart shaped one! it's more fitting for a wedding too. it's got the whole love theme going.

full of regret
Aquamarine gemstone?

I love the gemstone, aquamarine, even though my birthday is not in march. i have a beautiful aquamarine/diamond heart pendant. is it still ok to wear it?
people assume my birthday is in march b/c of my pendant. i feel sort of silly just telling them "no i just like aquamarine."

If you like the gemstone, WEAR IT. I know alot of people who wear gemstones from a month they werent born in, plus not alot of people know which stones are for which month; unless they are totally into gems, and jewlery lol. And its not silly, not at all.

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