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14k Gold Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Diamond Pendants, Gold Jewelry and Diamond Pendants, 14kt

Genuine Diamonds. Katie
The simplicity of a pendant can be worn
everyday or for that special event. This
Gold and Pearl Cross Pendant stands out!
Our Tahitian Pearl Diamond Pendants are
all hand crafted. Amethyst, Cameos,
Diamond, Garnet, Opal Pendants and Diamond Charms shown above. offers many stunning pendants. We have carry Amethyst Pendants, Cameo Pendant, Diamond Pendants, Tahitian Pearl Diamond Pendants. Look no further for stunning Designer Diamond Pendants, Gold Jewelry, Diamond Pendants & Gold Letter Pendants. Our Pendant line is available in Garnet, Opal, Pearl all are set in 14kt Gold Jewelry. Are you in love? Bring home a lovely Heart Pendant for your special loved one. All pendants & lockets are sold at unbeatable prices at

Let's see what I get.......

by dow

*Le Creuset 2-Quart Round French Oven, Cherry Red $31.99
*14k White Gold Heart Pendant (1/2 ct tw) $225
*14k White Gold Certified Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Earrings (1/3 ct tw) $247.50
*14k Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings (9.5-10.0mm) $45.00
*Norelco 7865XL Quadra Action Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Shaving System $71.99
*Texas Instruments TI-89 Advanced Graphing Calculator $119.65
*Sony M-450 Microcassette Voice Recorder $21.99
*Rio S30S Sport 64 MB MP3 Player $80.89
*AudioSource LS400 100-Watt Compact Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (White) $31

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Where can I buy a replica Ileana Makri cross necklace?

I want it to look like this:,default,pd.html?utm_source=GAN&utm_medium=TheFind%2C%20Inc.&utm_campaign=Primary
But cheaper, by a lot obviously. I don't want it to look cheap and I want it to look similar, help please!

Try one of these:

Do I have diamonds or Zirconia?

I have a sterling silver cross pendant, very small. It has what appers to be either diamonds, or zirconia. I do not know the difference. On the back where the diamonds/zirconia are, there are breather holes. I know diamonds have those, but was wondering if they do the same for zirconia as well. If zirconia does not have breather holes, then do I have diamonds in my pendant? There are maybe about 10 with like 2 missing. Could it be worth anything?

The holes won't tell you anything and you won't be able to tell without having it examined.

However, most sterling silver uses cubic zirconia, crystal, or glass. There are a few high end lines that are exceptions, but the vast majority would be CZ or similar.

If you bought it, then you would definitely know just by the price.

Drawing ideas please?

I need some knew drawing ideas for pencil crayons. something creative like a tiger in a devil costume and something that looks nice and normal that would draw attention. please and thank you.
This is Urgent!!! please 10 thumbs up!!!

What about animals wearing jewelry. Like a black panther looking goth with lip piercing, tongue piercing, and a silver cross pendant. Or a tiger with diamond earrings, diamond choker, and a tiara.

Molly M
Faith Jewlery?

I would really love to buy a very pretty cross necklace. I dont mean those plain gold ones, i have like three of those. i want some really unique, pretty cross. any good websites/links? thanks!

Try James Avery Craftsman. They only have stores in a select number of states, but you can order online.

What's the best way to sell silver items and jewellery?

I have inherited various things I don't want and wonder what is the best way to sell them. I'm in Sydney. I have two silver tea-sets (cream, sugar, tea-pot, coffee-pot), lots of assorted silver cutlery but some damaged and no complete sets, silver napkin rings, silver cups and goblets, silver cocktail shakers and ashtray, a gold cigarette case (bit squashed), a gold jewel-encrusted ladies' pocket watch, a silver and diamond cross pendant, two gold and gem brooches. I have tried the auction houses for the jewellery but they are not big/valuable enough for them and can't find anything…

What do you mean you can't find anything useful on e-bay? That would be my suggestion, everything sells on e-bay. It's pretty easy to do, little effort. Depends how much you want for them I suppose

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