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Yellow Gold Diamond Circle Pendant

Mens On Sale Yellow Gold 10k Round Cut G, Canary, Blue ...

Diamond ColorCarat weight is the physical weight of the diamond; 1 Carat equals 1/5th of a gram. But that's not what's important, what is important is that the higher the carat weight of your jewelry or diamond the more it will shine, provided that you backed your carat weight with other characteristics that make the diamonds so special. We give unparalleled advice on how to decide what the most practical combination of diamond characteristics are most suitable for you and your jewelry. Listed below are a few combination with specific jewelry objectives, figure out your objective and the method of reaching it should be listed above.

High Quality
After years of being a jewelry consumer you will finally realize that quantity will not beat out quality, and for this you want to go with a minimum of VS1 F color. However, we rarely manufacture jewelry with this grade on a massive scale simply because few customers can appreciate it, pay for it, or even recognize it when they see it.


SI is the most practical way to purchase diamond jewelry that will impress onlookers and satisfy the diamonds true purpose which is to shine. A SI-1 Stone with G color is a grade that can fool even the pickiest diamond buyers who claim they only stand for VS diamonds. This is because in smaller diamond sizes, the difference is too minute to tell with the naked eye especially if you lack years of experience.


G color is the finest achievable color that can be sought after for being near colorless without breaking the bank. H is a close second but has a noticeable difference to a diamond professional. A grade between G and H is what we call G-H which is a great way of enjoying near colorless diamonds without paying the colorless price.

Round Cut

Of all the various diamond shapes, the most popular by far is the round diamond. It takes center stage in the classic engagement ring – a round, solitaire diamond set either in yellow gold or platinum. Shapes other than round are called fancy shapes. There are many different round brilliant diamond cuts from the ideal cut diamond such as the 58 facets - to the patented and even 66-facet Leo Diamond cut.


A cousin of Pave, Micro-Pave is the best way to set massive amount of small or single cut stones. Usually done over seas because of labor costs this setting can show of the smallest diamond with minimum interference from prongs.

10K is also known as 417 because it is 41.7% pure gold. Being that it is less then 50% gold it is not used in most high-end jewelry, however with today's record gold prices that view is slowly changing and seem to be the case that "10k is the new 14k." Regardless of that, 10k is the most practical and inexpensive way to show off heavy gold jewelry, and in most cases identical to 14k gold to an untrained eye.

20th Wedding Anniversary gift for a great wife

by NurseDaddy

My wife and will celebrate our 20th anniversary on Feb 21st.
I am married to a wonderful woman who is not into flashy things really, not a showy person ... she likes pendants that hang on rubber necklaces, that kind of thing. For the most part she just wears her wedding band, and a watch, and maybe a necklace and earings, but that's about it. Mother of pearl stuff, onyx, stainless steel and rubber are her thing. Lucky for me, because we don't have a lot of money as I've been out of work for a while, went back to school, and am now working and earning a living. She's been through a lot with me

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